Commitment to society

The purpose of our activities is to generate positive results for all stakeholders through our Businesses, now and in the future.

Sustainability, which is understood as promoting and practicing sustainable development, is incorporated into the concepts of the Odebrecht Entrepreneurial Technology (TEO) as the foundation that ensures the survival, growth and perpetuity of the Group and its Businesses. With our spirit to serve aimed at contributing to sustainable development, we create value and recognition for our brand.

Our contribution to the Sustainable Development Goals:

We contribute to sustainable development and access to quality education, while prioritizing partnerships with research institutions.

Acting responsibly in society:

Supported by our purpose of generating positive results for all stakeholders through our Businesses, now and in the future.

Commitment to acting ethically, with integrity and transparency

Business Pact for Integrity and Against Corruption (Ethos Institute for Business and Social Responsibility)

Voluntary socioenvironmental investment:

BRL$ 39,3million
in 2017

Incentives for generating and sharing knowledge:

Odebrecht Award for Sustainable Development and various projects carried out within the scope of the Businesses

Policy on Sustainability

The purpose of our Businesses is to generate positive results for all stakeholders, now and in the future. This principle of operating sustainably, which is expressed in our Sustainability Policy, guides our relations with shareholders, team members, clients, partners, suppliers, local communities and other stakeholders impacted by the activities of our Businesses.

Our commitment to sustainability encompasses our commitments to

  • People
  • Economic Development
  • Social Development
  • The Environment
  • Culture
  • Acting Ethically with Integrity and Transparency

Odebrecht Foundation

Created in 1965, the Odebrecht Foundation is the organization that coordinates the social investments of Odebrecht S.A. and of other partners, with priority given to educational and socioenvironmental projects that accelerate the sustainable development of communities in 11 municipalities in the Lowlands of southern Bahia. These municipalities, which are home to some 285,000 people, share low Human Development Indices (HDI) and room for initiatives that promote positive transformations in the situations of these communities.

The Integrated Development and Growth with Sustainability Program (PDCIS) encompasses the social technologies that the Odebrecht Foundation applies in the region to foster the engagement of communities, society, government and the private sector. The PDCIS implements these technologies through four action fronts that encourage youth to continue living in this rural area and to value their work in agricultural activities based on the family unit:

  • Contextualized Education
  • Jobs and Income Generation
  • Respect for the Environment
  • Governance for Development

- Investments in 2017
of BRL$ 12 million

Tribute to the Future Program

The Tribute to the Future Program, which is the fourth action front of the Odebrecht Foundation, mobilizes partners to raise funds for the Child and Adolescent Fund (FIA) of cities in the Lowlands of Southern Bahia. The institutions supported by PDCIS gain access to these resources and develop projects to promote and defend the rights of children and adolescents. Citizens and companies both inside and outside of the Odebrecht Group can participate by making donations spontaneously or by drawing on tax incentives, which in Brazil can be discounted from the taxes owed to the Federal Revenue Service.

+6mil participants
in 2017

BRL$ 3,3 Million raised

9 mil People