The website for our Annual Report 2017-18 was conceived and developed as an evolution in the way we communicate that helps to ensure easy access by everyone to information on our corporate governance, our Businesses and our commitments to acting ethically with integrity and transparency and to people and society.

Construction and purpose of the Sustainability Report

The purpose of the Annual Report is to communicate transparently, simply and objectively the performance of Odebrecht S.A., the holding company of the Odebrecht Group, and of its portfolio of Businesses.

To communicate this information ethically, transparently and with integrity, Odebrecht S.A. adopts the GRI Standards, the international recognized framework for reporting on corporate sustainability management.

The contents published, which cover the period from January 1 to December 31, 2017, includes qualitative management information that occurred in early 2018 and is relevant to a better understanding of the topics presented.

Materiality matrix

The first step in the preparation of our Report was to conduct a comprehensive exercise of consultations and surveys to construct the materiality matrix.

The material topics identified were prioritized based on their perceived impact on the Businesses and the level of relevance to our stakeholders. The priority topics guide our guide our business activities aimed at creating value and contributing to sustainable development through the efficient and strategic allocation of resources and the monitoring of results in a diversified portfolio of Businesses.

Robust construction with the direct and indirect participation of stakeholders:

  • Consultas a 10 especialistas brasileiros nas áreas de governança corporativa, sustentabilidade, reputação e ética empresarial.
  • Analysis of topics related to the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) , proposed by the United Nations.
  • Analysis of the externalities raised by the media, multilateral organizations and NGOs such as Transparency International.
  • Analysis of internal policies and guidelines.
  • In-person interviews of officers and members of the Compliance Committees of the holding company and the Businesses.


Ethics, integrity and transparency

The topic is related to implementing Policies and other internal directives for conducting business based on the concepts of TEO, Our Commitment and the guidelines for constructing frank and open channels of dialogue with all stakeholders.

Transforming the workplace

Odebrecht S.A. contributes to the sustainable development of society by participating in initiatives and by collaborating with institutions that work to create a business environment based on integrity and to transform public-private relations based on the criteria of ethics, integrity and transparency.

Corporate governance

The review and strengthening of the holding company's corporate governance structure assures the independence and self-sufficiency of the Businesses as they promote the dissemination and practice of TEO and Policies through the boards of directors of each Business, with integrity and transparency. At the same time, they pave the way for the formation of companies and new partnerships within the scope of the Businesses.

Diversification and risks in the performance

Decisions on the investments of Odebrecht S.A. are based on a meticulous analysis of the risks and opportunities in various sectors and contexts of the activities of the Businesses. This evaluation considers the economic, social and environmental aspects, with a focus on optimizing resources and contributing to sustainable development.

Financial resilience

The capacity of Odebrecht S.A. to generate and to share value with its shareholders, team members, suppliers and other stakeholders is directly related to the efficient management and monitoring of the Businesses, supporting the continued and sustainable growth of the Odebrecht Group.

Compromisso com os integrantes

Through internal Policies and guidelines, Odebrecht S.A. guides how to put TEO's principles and concepts into practice in team members' daily activities, valuing the eight behaviors expressed in the People Policy and the disciplined application of the Action Program (PA) cycle. Through the boards of directors of the Businesses, the holding company also accompanies the implementation of people policies in each case, especially the integration of young professionals, the people development programs and the leader development and succession programs .

Innovation for a sustainable economy

Through investments in the portfolio of Businesses and in transversal initiatives, such as the Destaque Award and the Odebrecht Sustainable Development Award, Odebrecht S.A. contributes to sustainable innovation and the development of new solutions and technologies for the low-carbon economy, with a reduction in socioenvironmental impacts. Interaction with research centers, universities and other research and development institutions is important for strengthening innovation capacity.